ViA Transfers
Frequently Asked Questions and Conditions

1- How can I make one - Reservation ?

- Reservation form for booking on our website you can send us . Booking time if you have less than 24 hours from our call center by telephone (+90 532 475 1 475) can make your reservation .

2- how to communicate with me at the airport will ?
- Optional writing your name or company's logo and signage that will be made ​​welcome , the call center will inform the necessary information .

3 -When can I book ?
- Our reservation system online 24 hours a day and 7 days a week serving.

4-Do you cut Billing ?
- Yes . Billing information you transmit to us when completing the booking form .

5- How do I make payments ?
- Payment by cash or credit card in the vehicle when it is transferred as payment yapabilirsiniz.mail Book edebilirsiniz.internet sitemizd 's career in the haveli If you can mailorder .

6-Does the child seat for Tools ?
- Yes, there is demand for our vehicles as long as you 're including a baby seat .

7-Does your air-conditioned Tools ?
- Yes, we all are air-conditioned vehicle .

8-In the case of Hold or delays Do I need to give extra charges ?
- Specified transfers from time of 1 hour grace period after the tool is withdrawn from our point of transfer . 1 hour a further compensation is made for this period . However, at the end of the transfer period is still due to start our records will be transferred as NO -SHOW . Fees can not be refunded .

9- What happens if my flight is delayed ? will be chargedextra ?
Aircraft from your system before we check whether any delay or cancellation of your driver, according to him whether ediyoruz.b therefore never shipped to the airport will be charged an extra fee .

10 - All prices are fixed?
- Yes, all our prices are fixed and as you can see on our website is not an extra charge , extra fees are out of it .

11- Do you offer services to other places outside the normal route ?
- Yes only if you specify exactly where you want to go back as you 're full price .

12 - Can I pay in foreign currencies ?
- Yes you can.

13 - cage in my small pets can carry with you ?
- Yes , of course.

14 - Which airports service do you offer?
Our area of Antalya , Dalaman, Bodrum, Izmir , Ankara, Istanbul and Moscow, including 24/7 service team is located.

15 - What do I need forLost property ?

- If you think that you forget about your goods vehicle could call us by phone our customer service representative as a result of the necessary research bilgilendirecektir.eşya you can pick up from our office or you left your address can request delivery by paying the transfer fee .

16- Any place during a break in theTransfers can we give ?

- Program , if appropriate given the maximum break between 5 or 15 minutes .

Transfer Via model when deemed necessary by the type of vehicle required to transport individual and shared reserves the right to make changes .